Best Air Purifiers in India: A guide to select the right one for your home

With urbanization, global warming is increasing at an alarming rate. Thus, at the same pace is increasing, the rate of air pollution. As a result of which air purifiers are becoming very popular nowadays.  These air purifiers can be considered as one of the saviors of human beings because various complicated health problems are immensely increasing due to the increasing air pollution. Especially during festive seasons in India, Diwali the level of air pollution increases at a drastic level.  It is very important to keep oneself healthy for a good living. Several electronic goods-producing brands have begun developing air purifiers for this purpose. These problems of global warming, air pollution, and associated health problems did not become a serious issue in one day or a few years. Increasing quality of lifestyle of human beings has led to this serious issue over years. Something that we do mindlessly often leads to something harmful and fatal. That’s where the earth stands today, on the verge of depletion.

Since our health is related to this issue, it is better to take precautions rather than suffering from it. That is where the implementation of air purifiers comes. It is very essential to breathe clean and fresh air which is not present all around us. Talking about air pollution, the first thing to strike our minds are pollutants in the air like smoke from industries, vehicles, CFCs from refrigerators, air conditioners and several other suspended particulate matter which are a part of outdoor pollution. But, indoor pollution is as much harmful as outdoor pollution is. Rather, it can be said that indoor pollution is harmful than outdoor pollution. Gases, detergents, insect repellents and many more, the list can be endless. Air purifiers are actually devices that clean the air by removing the various contaminants present in the air.

An electronic device requires prior planning and a mental determination before being bought. Therefore, before investing in an air purifier, one must make a thorough survey and gain a proper knowledge of that particular item. One should always buy products of the most popular brands available in the market. Given below are some of the best air purifiers that are trending most in the Indian market. Let us have a look at them.

2. Philips 3000 Series AC 3256/20 60- Watt AeraSense Air Purifier

Philips 3000 Series AC3256 20

This air purifier is a high-efficiency particulate absorption filter. The device consists of a five-stage purification process which consists of a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter, HEPA layers and VitaShield IPS. This air purifier reliably removes and filters viruses like the H1N1, dust from furniture, mites, pollens and other insects. In this air purifier, the timer can be set and it can turn off automatically according to the timer. When it is time to change the filters, the purifier gives the automatic signal to change the filters. Thus, this air purifier is an intelligent device. This device also has a child lock feature in it. This air purifier is an easily portable device.


•    HEPA filter containing device.

•    Consists of aerodynamic design.

•    It is light and portable.


•    It is highly priced and hence can be a discouraging factor.

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3. Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20 Air Purifier

Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20

This air purifier is also a HEPA filter type of air purifier which purifies and cleans the air very easily. This air purifier covers a surface area of 677 square meters.  Any Indian household can accommodate that much area. Some of the attractive features of this air purifier are- it is capable of monitoring the air quality on a continuous basis. Along with it, the purifier controls the fan speed and dims down the light to provide add-on comfort. It consists of a 100 percent ozone free filtration technology which is uniquely designed to eliminate allergens. According to the pollution level of the room as well as its area, the fan speeds can be adjusted.


•    HEPA filter containing device.

•    It is an environmentally friendly device.

•    Fan speeds can be autoregulated.


•    This device cannot be installed in bigger houses.

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4. Philips 2000 Series AC2882/50 56-Watt Air Purifier

Philips 2000 Series AC2882/50

This air purifier is a device with a Clean Air Delivery Technology Rate of 324 meters per hour. Some of the exciting features of this air purifier produced by Philips are-

This device consists of HEPA type of filter and it works in two modes namely the bacteria and the virus mode. The main aim of this purifier is to provide clean and filtered air which is safe to breathe. It is designed with AeraSense technology which detects harmful particles in the air very efficiently and removes them from the room. The device contains three filtering systems namely the pre-filter, HEPA filter and the activated carbon filter. Also, this filter contains a display system which rates the quality of air ranging from 1 to 12. When the quality of air changes from impure to pure, the display shows color signals, where red indicates bad and blue indicates good air.


•    It consists of three filter system.

•    It consists of AeraSense technology.


•    There is a flaw in the design where the sides of the frame do not fit in the structure.

•    The purifier is unable to purify Delhi’s pollution.

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5. Philips 2000 Series AeraSense AC2887/20 56-Watt Air Purifier

Philips 2000 Series AeraSense AC2887/20

This air purifier is designed with an advanced technology of HEPA filter and many other innovative features. Cigarette smoke, formaldehyde, and other harmful gases are easily removed by this air purifier. The AeraSense technology provided in this filter diminishes the PM2.5 level. The purifier keeps a regular check on the quality of the air. The VitaShield IPS technology facilitates a clean delivery rate of 333 meters per hour. Besides, functioning in a silent mode, the purifier turns down the airspeed and also dims the light to provide maximum comfort to people. The purifier comes with a real-time indoor indicator and a 4-step colored ring, therefore, providing accurate monitoring of the indoor air quality.


•    Has a classy and elegant look.

•    Excellent after-sales service by Philips.

•    Brilliant purification of air.


•    Sometimes the indoor air indicator malfunctions.

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6. Kent Aura Portable Room Air Purifier

KENT Aura Room Air Purifier

Most of the Indian houses contain a lot of indoor dust particles which makes breathing harmful. Pollens, allergens and animal dander common things in such household. Kent makes a genuine attempt to purify the air in these houses by introducing an air purifier with certain salient features. Designed with HEPA technology, the air purifier helps in eliminating all kinds of dust, suspended particulate matter, cigarette smoke, pet odors etc. It also contains a carbon activated filter and an in-built ionizer which freshens up the room. It does a continuous monitoring of the air with the help of the in-built light sensors. It also contains a filter change alarm which is a unique feature of this purifier. Apart from these features, there are child-lock facilities as well.


•    Child-lock facility.

•    Operates silently.

•    Useful for asthma patients.


•    Cannot purify Delhi air.

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7. Honeywell 53-Watt Room Air Purifier, HAC25M1201W

Honeywell HAC25M1201W

This model of air purifier has a clean air delivery rate of 250 meters per hour which is just perfect for purifying the air over the area of 323 square feet. One of the best and salient features of the filter of this air purifier is that run over a time span of 3000 hours. It consists of a three-stage filtration process that removes all unwanted viruses and bacteria from the air as well as all kinds of dust and impurities. Since this appliance does not contain ozone, it is an environmentally friendly air purifier. Designed with a HEPA filter, the air purifier manufactured by Honeywell is capable of cleaning suspended particulate matters along with animals hairs, pollens, and other furniture dust. It also removes bad odor as well.


•    Long lasting nature of the filter.

•    Environment-friendly appliance.


•    There is no noise reduction facility.

•    Sometimes after-sales-services are poor.

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8. American Micronic 22 Watts Air purifier with HEPA filter

American Micronic AMI AP1 22Dx

Being small and tiny in size, the looks of this air filter can be deceptive. As far as its service is concerned, it is one of the best air purifiers. It is furnished with HEPA filters which conveniently remove airborne particles while the foul odors, gas vapors and smokes are removed by the activated carbon filters.


•    Small and convenient to use.

•    The price can be easily afforded.


•    Cannot be used for larger rooms.

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1. MI 2 AC M2 AA Portable Room Air Purifier

MI 2 AC M2 AA Portable Room Air Purifier

This is the most popular air purifier in the market, available both online and offline. Produced and manufactured by Xiaomi, this air purifier has excellent features in it. One of the unique features of this purifier is that it purifies air within ten minutes. It can assure to provide safety to the health of your family. The high-particle sensor allows it to detect impurities in the room quite easily. It has activated carbon filter in it which absorbs dust and pollutant from even the corners of the room and is also effective in removing bad odors and other harmful substances. This device is crafted on principles of aircraft that creates high pressure thus allowing larger circulation. Also, this principle pumps and distributes clean air to all parts of a room. This air purifier can also be operated by the use of any MI smartphone.


•    Purifies air in just 10 minutes.

•    Can be operated from the mobile app as well.

•    Does not make noise during operation.


•    Filters need to be changed every four to six months.

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Buying Guide for Air Purifiers

It is very important to purify the air we breathe to avoid several health complications related to the respiratory system. Thus, it is recommended by doctors to install air purifiers at home. Now, before choosing one for your home, you need to carefully know the factors on the basis of which the air purifiers can be classified as excellent to good. Since this is an investment to be made which could be run long in the future. The various types of impurities that are present in the air both indoors and outdoors include smoke from vehicles, CFCs, tobacco smoke, pollens, animal dander, various household gases and a lot more. In order to remove these, air purifiers are designed with several technologies which are important to be checked before purchasing. Here is a guide to direct you through all the aspects that would help you choose the right appliance for you.

Firstly, you need to know the several terms that are used in the description of an air purifier. These are:-

a.    PM2.5: This term is used for the suspended particulate matters which are of diameter 2.5 micrometers. These particles are not easily detected by naked eyes. They are present in the atmosphere and cause harmful damage to the lungs.

b.    PM10: This refers to particulate matter having the 10-micrometer diameter. They are relatively large sized particles which cause harm when inhaled.

c.    CADR: This is the full form of Clean Air Delivery Rate which states the rate at which the air purifier works. The value displayed on the screen may denote the cubic meter of volume that is cleaned in one minute. The higher the CADR, the higher is the cleaning rate. There are different CADR number for different impurities namely pollen, dust and smoke.

d.    HEPA: Abbreviated as HEPA, High-Efficiency Particulate Adsorption is mainly responsible for trapping the dirt and dust in the air. It is basically a filter in the purifier. This filter traps the impure particles depending on the size of the impurities. Almost all the popular air purifiers in the Indian market are fitted with HEPA filters.

e.    There are two more filter types such as pre-filters and activated carbon filters that are used in an air purifier to filter the impure air in your room.

f.    Apart from these, there are ozone-ion generators, which create charged particles and emit them into the air. These charged particles get attached to the impure particles and make them fall to the ground under gravity. Similar is the case with ozone generators but however, inhaling ozone is also not good for health so it shall be avoided.

The impure air becomes fresh while passing through the filters and makes it pure for us to breathe in. But before buying an air purifier, have a look at the following factors.

v  It must be ensured that the total area of purification of the air purifier should be greater than or equal to the area of the room in which the purifier is being installed.

v   ACH (Air Change per Hour) rating is an important factor to be considered. It tells how frequently air is exchanged by the purifier in the room.

v  The price of the air purifier is also important to be considered. One should take into consideration the cost of changing the filter annually.

v  One should always check the BEE star rating before buying the air purifier.

v  The noise level of the purifier must be considered as well. The more the fan speed, the more will be the noise of the machine.

v   One should always check the brand in trend before buying the air purifier as it is a huge investment.


The effects of air pollution are adverse and its worst impact falls on the air purifiers. Surveys reveal that indoor air pollution four times riskier than the outdoor air pollution. Thus air purifiers are a necessity nowadays than a luxury. It is very important to breathe in the fresh air nowadays. Having checked all the above parameters, one can go for the air purifier of one’s own desire.

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