Best Hand Blenders in India 2018 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Blending is an important kitchen activity to be performed by any kitchen worker. Indian dishes are mostly made of a mixture of various spices. So, in Indian kitchens, the presence of a blender is very essential. For the preparation of several spice-blends, chutneys, dosa batters, cake batters etc. we need blenders.

Best 3 Blenders in India for Quick Reference 

Earlier our grandmothers and mothers and other ladies of the house used to make use of their hands and antique vessels for mixing several ingredients. But with the advancement of technology, latest types of electronic gadgets have been developed. To make kitchen work easier as well as save a lot of time, we recommend the use of blenders. A blender is also known as a liquidizer sometimes. It is an appliance, mostly used in kitchens and it has a number of applications, emulsification being one of them. A blender usually consists of a blender jar along with a rotating metal blade at the bottom which mostly does the blending. This entire set up runs being powered by an electric motor at the base. Some of the powerful electronic blenders are also capable of crushing ice as well.

There are several applications of a blender. They are used to blend ice creams, milk, sweet sauces to make milkshakes, crush ice in mocktails and cocktails, make smooth purees, and emulsify mixtures and many more uses. Let’s have a look at the various best brands of blenders available in Indian market.

Top 7 Best Blenders in the India 2018

It is quite obvious, that before investing their money in any electronic appliances, a person must have a thorough scrutiny of the particular product, know its user reviews, popularity, and various other features. Since an electronic appliance is quite often subjected to internal damage, this check is a must so that one does not have to regret one’s choice. So, to make your buying experience easier, here are some of the best blenders that are described along with their salient features, merits, and demerits.

1. Wonderchef 400 Watt Nutri-Blend Black

Wonderchef Nutri Blend 63152293 400 Watt Mixer Grinder

This hand blender is the bestselling hand blender which considered to be perfect for every kind of blending activities at home. Preparation of simple to complex blends and mixes are conveniently possible with Wonderchef 400 Watt Nutri-Blend blender. Be it shakes, smoothies, chutneys or anything else, this blender is sure to satisfy your needs. It is a blender that recommended by most of the chefs, nutritionists and kitchen experts. The item is known as nutri-blend since it retains the nutritional value of the foods even after blending. The product has good user reviews and the number of products sold is quite high.

This blender takes a very little space in your kitchen and is color and structure gives it a stylish look which is definitely eyeing soothing. Its parts include a super fast blade motor with 200 rpm speed and it consists of two interchangeable jars. The blender also consists of two sets of cutters made up of stainless steel which can be utilized for blending of spices and creams as well as grinding purposes (for hard fruits and vegetables).

Wonderchef 40 Watt Nutri-blend has many happy and content customers all over the country for its efficient service with a 2-year warranty that covers all kinds of after sale damage and service within that period.

Pros :-

  • Stylish and compact.
  • Baby foods can be easily prepared.
  • User-friendly, since it is easy to clean.
  • The product is completely worth the investment.

Cons :-

  • Cannot take a heavy user load.
  • It makes an irritating noise during operation.
  • Without the gasket, this appliance does not function.

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2. Philips Daily Collection HR1459 300-Watt Hand Mixer (White and Beige)

Philips Daily Collection HR1459

It is a 300-watt appliance which runs at about 220-440 Volts efficiently fulfilling all the desired properties of the blender. The purposes served by this item are kneading, mixing or whisking. The blender makes the work much faster and easier. The appliance consists of the hand mixer, stainless steel dough hooks as well as stainless steel strip beaters all in one. The product consists of five speeds plus turbo for a variety of recipes. It also has a cord clip to wrap and store the blended item tidily.

This product has received good user reviews and hence people can reliably buy it for usage at home kitchens. It is another of the best-selling products online.

Pros :-

  • Efficient in operation.
  • Requires less manual effort.
  • Prepares a smooth and homogeneous blend.

Cons :-

  • Makes a little noise.
  • Cannot handle the bulk.

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3. Orpat HHB-100E WOB 250- Watt Hand Blender (white)

Orpat HHB 100E WOB 250 Watt Hand Blender

Orpat is one of the most trusted brands of the Indian market. They sell reliable electronic appliances at very reasonable prices. This hand blender is known for its high performance in blending and other kitchen activities as well.  The various kitchen activities which can be carried out with the help of this electronic appliance are making juices, smoothies, shakes, eggnogs and a lot more. The instrument contains blades made of stainless steel which imparts better performance and also improves functioning. It is a compact appliance that can be used easily in all kitchens and the machine can be held in the hand while its function.

The Orpat HHB-100E WOB 250- Watt Hand Blender (white) is made of a comfortable grip and it can be cleaned and washed easily. The stainless steel blade does the blending at a faster pace. This electronic device has a unique style and an attractive design. This item is an efficient replacement for older mixers and food processors. One who buys this item can get a solution to all kinds kitchen activities that includes blending as well as mashing.

Pros :-

  • The price of the product is budget friendly.
  • The item is tough and durable.
  • It is an ideal blender for all kinds of mashing activity.


  • Hard to crush or blend ice cubes.
  • Produces harsh noise during operation.

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4. Philips HR/ C 250- Watt Hand Blender

Philips HR1350 C 250 Watt Hand Blender

Another reputed and trusted brand of the India is Philips and this model of hand blender is one of the popular products this brand. This best blender is designed with a strong mechanism and can be efficiently used up for various cooking purposes. This product is sold along with a warranty of two years which includes repair from any damage. It can easily last a long time without any hindrance.

Known as the best seller in the Indian market, the hand blender from Orpat is recommended highly for use. This blender is appreciated for its sleek and stylish look. the body of the appliance is made of rubber while the blade is made up of stainless steel. The hand blender can be used to make purees and pastes like tomato or onion purees which can be added to curries and gravies. This item from Orpat makes a power consumption of 250Watt.

Pros :-

  • Perfect blender for preparation of purees and pastes.
  • Efficient mechanism.
  • The perfect blend of style and quality.
  • The item is user-friendly and can be cleaned conveniently.

Cons :-

  • The item gets heated up during operation.
  • It makes very loud noise while operation.

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5. Maharaja Whiteline Turbomix  350-Watt Hand Blender

Maharaja Whiteline Turbomix 350 Watt

The Maharaja Whiteline Turbomix 350-Watt Hand Blender is an appliance which can be accepted as a perfect combination of cost and quality. The price of the item is reasonable which is worth the service it provides. This product comes with a warranty of two years which includes all kinds of repairs and services within that time period.

This product comes in white and red color and it can be used for all kitchen purposes. The blades of the blender are made up of steel that is sharp enough to cause easy blending during operation. This blender can hang on the wall and has a detachable plastic base. The blender operates at a voltage of 230V. the super sharp blades of this blender are efficient enough to bring about efficient blending and mashing. This product has also received good customer reviews.

Pros :-

  • It is a budget-friendly product.
  • The product can be cleaned and washed easily.
  • It is an ideal appliance for mashing and blending.

Cons :-

  • Blades of the appliance are irreplaceable.
  • The blender vibrates during operation.

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6. Nutri Ninja Slim (700 Watts) Hand Blender

Nutri Ninja Slim 700 Watts

This is another best selling hand blender in Indian market which is highly appreciated by people.  It is 700 Watt compact blender that durable and one does not need to compromise on the quality. It is also scratch and stain resistant. The appliance consists of extractor blades which can easily mash and blend fruit or veggie particles while retaining its original nutritive value till the end. This product has a 2-year warranty period which shall cover any kind of repair.

Pros :-

  • It is a high-quality product.
  • It carries efficient mashing.
  • Nutritive values of ingredients are not destroyed.
  • Consists of seal lids to prevent the inner content from spurting out.

Cons :-

  • Occasional lid leakage.
  • Noisy at times.

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7. Philips Daily Collection HR 1363 600-Watt Hand Blender with Chopper and Beaker

Philips Daily Collection HR1363 600 Watt

This best blender operates at 220-240 volts and at a power of 600 watts and comes with a two-year warranty. It consists of a beaker with lid, chopper and its accessories for toughest ingredients. It also consists of double actions blades with blade guards which for chopping and mixing the toughest ingredients. The product is of high quality and has received good customer reviews. It can be easily used for all kitchen purposes.

Pros :-

  • It is a high-quality product.
  • It carries out efficient blending and chopping.
  • Does not require installation after purchase.
  • Easy to use and clean.

Cons :-

  • Pots are not big so cannot handle the bulk.
  • Occasionally blades are blunt.
  • Gets heated up quickly.

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Certain points to be kept in mind before buying a blender for your kitchen

There are many kinds of electronic blenders that are available in Indian market nowadays. We are to discuss in detail, some of the best blenders that are available, along with its features, their advantages and disadvantages and other related details. Mostly, there are two types of blenders developed technologically. They are- countertop blenders and immersion blenders.

  • Countertop blenders– These are mostly made up of glass, steel or plastic. The ones made of glass are tough and durable. The ones made of plastic easily absorb the smell of the ingredients and are much prone to scratching. Steel blenders are most popular due to its look. However, the visibility is restricted while the operation is going on. Not all blenders come with removable blades but the ones in which the blades can be removed, they have an o-ring between the body and the base of the container to seal the container or prevent any kind of leakage. In some cases, low powered blenders require addition of some water in order to function properly. The blades provide a thorough mixture of all particles, be solid or liquid from top to bottom of the vessel ensuring contact with the blade as a result of which, a homogeneous mixture is obtained.
  • Immersion blenders– Also known as stick blender, these products basically do not have any separate container to put the ingredients inside, for the blending. Instead, there is the presence of rotating blades at the top of the machine, which can be immersed in a container containing the ingredients. These blenders conveniently blend large volumes. One of the drawbacks of these blenders is that they require the user to hold it constantly as long as the blending according to user’s choice is not complete.
  • Investment on an electronic appliance is a pre-planned expenditure and any household has to save for it prior to buying. Moreover, these products are prone to break down any time irrespective of their flawless condition. Thus, the product or blender one is about to buy must be within the budget of a person. The blender is a small kitchen appliance with very less requirement. Hence, there is no point buying something equivalent to a bomb in the name of a blender.
  • All electronic goods should be bought with an assurance that if there is an issue with its improper working, the company will take care of it. Thus, randomly picking up an anonymous brand will not be any good idea. So one must choose the product from a well known brand so that it provides a certain period of warranty for any kind of damage.
  • Though all electronic appliances nowadays comes with a user manual which has steps enumerated as to how to operate it, it is still recommended to buy one which is complex to use.
  • The blender bought should be compact enough since they are products which are not quite large and being smaller in size there are high chances of the content getting spilled out.
  • One should look for a blender of the desired capacity.
  • Hand blenders are mostly designed to perform a number of activities in one machine. One of the main features of hand blender is the immersion design which helps in mashing or mixing the ingredients in the main container.
  • One should also look whether the motor of the blender is working properly or not.
  • Blenders come with several attachments. Some have a few in numbers while some have many. These attachments are mostly given to carry out different kitchen tasks. Thus, one who buys a blender can buy it according to their personal requirements.   

Mentioned above are some of the best selling blenders of the Indian market. Apart from these, there are many another model from different brands which produce blenders for Indian kitchens. One can easily choose from this wide range of collection, make a proper study and get the perfect appliance for the kitchen. All the above-mentioned brands fulfill all the basic features of a blender. Thus, looking into all the factors necessary one can happily shop the blender of one’s choice.

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